Mississippi River – day 29

We have arrived to the edge of the iconic Mississippi River at Chester, Il.

Service is poor so pictures have to wait. We are so happy to be moving again after waiting out the weather for too long at Carbondale. I traveled with Peter, Amy, and Liam for the most part of the day.

We stopped for a second breakfast in Ava, called the “Hungry Bear”. It was nice, but I couldn’t finish the eggs, biscuits & gravy and potatoes. By 9:30 we were moving again and we only stopped a couple of times before arriving at Chester at 2:00 PM.
We staked camp at the “F.O.E.”. The Eagles. They have a bunk house that sleeps up to 9, but it is very small. I’ve chosen to set up a tent, the bunk house is too small. A total of 49 miles and very easy hills. A total of 1,250 miles in past 4 weeks.

Posted by email. Cell phone service is good, but not high speed AT&T. Jake

One thought on “Mississippi River – day 29

  1. I’m so happy to hear you were not caught in the storms. Okla. has really been hit hard. I’m envious–all the great people you are meeting not to mention the small cafes. Always have good pie–or carrot cake. Know “the boys” are missing you too. Just think of all the stored up hugs and kisses waiting for you.. MD leaves for London Thursday, one week.
    If I had a recording of Roy Rogers’ Happy Trails I’d play it for you. Take care. Love, Natha Jean

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