Carbondale – day 27

Rest day here. We are organizing ourselves and staying out of the weather. We had some serious storms last night, and were glad to be in the Super 8.
Just to let everyone know that we might have to hunker down here another day, and if we do, it likely will push every day out one day from here on. That may impact our reunion in Breckinridge. But we will do what we can do.

I had to get to a printer and Notary Public and wash some clothes. Total cost was 48 cents.
The Bank of Carbondale was very accommodating and listened to my story and provided the notary and envelops for FedEx. The first bank declined my request to provide me any services.
And Staples only cost 48 cents.
I never made it to the bike shop but Jack answered all my questions and I feel ok with my bike.

My dear friend Debbie Guzman Robinson showered us with a case of beer, but just not beer, she showed us beers we’ve never seen before, and not sold outside Wisconsin.


It was a very heart felt visit with my good friend Debbie. It’s been over 30 years since we met, and I am still moved to hear her voice and feel her hugs. Thanks Debbie Debbie for taking the time to come. The day felt somewhat like college days, sitting in a dormitory hall way drinking beers, with folks from around the world like old friends.


3 thoughts on “Carbondale – day 27

  1. I saw that weather, Jake. Glad you all stayed put. A young (40) attorney here for a case said he had done the TransAm -west to east – when he was 21. He just shook his head, wondering if he could do it again. But cool to be able to share your stories with him! Yeah Jake!!

  2. Debbie, Debbie! So good to see her smiling face again! Just stay safe – And I’m finding the FB page for Bank of Carbondale to thank them!

  3. As far as the reunion in Breckenridge goes, we can always come to you…you just make it up the next hill. Jeff pulled up the weather for Carbondale, and it looks as though you’re in the middle of a big storm!

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