Carbondale, Il – day 26

A great day that started early because they were closing a bridge at 7:00 am just down the road from our campground.
But first, last night was spent at Dixon Springs State campground. This was the center of a huge earthquake in the 1800’s. called the “New Madrid”. We walked around the park and saw where the fault line is and it shows how the earth moved



Met a gentleman, Jonathan Voelz, from a city near here – Vienna who is the local advocate for ACA and warm showers host. He came to our camp to bring us ice cream! So we showered him with great attention. He easily convinced me to take an alternate route to Carbondale. That involved us taking a detour to Vienna, which has a memorial to the Trail of Tear, that had such tragic consequences here in Southern Illinois. And the we took a ‘rail to trail’ Big Hill to meet back on the established ACA route.




We came across a 4 foot copperhead snake that Jonathan got off our trail. Video available up request.


This video was taken on the rail to trail.

In Goreville we had our first lunch after getting off the trail. Delaney’s Cafe has lots of good choices, and cyclists get free desert. Eddy was our waiter and took pictures to post at the cafe


Here are blogs of folks ahead of us that I saw on hostel logs

A picture of the Grantsburg Swamp

2 thoughts on “Carbondale, Il – day 26

  1. Where’s the swamp? Glad Jonathan removed the snake. I remember seeing something on PBS about the earthquake you mention. Hope you have a fine rest day tomorrow.

    • That swamp was Grantsburg Swamp a national preservation area.
      It appears weather will be influencing our ride more than we wanted. Saturday is supposed to be bad, and we might stay put.

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