Marion, Ky – day 24

A wonderful meal last night in rural Kentucky at Kim and Darryl’s house. We were treated to a great meal and a dry night of sleeping in the yard.
Mark’s blog today is good and has a story about me……



We only had 30 miles to go this morning, and we had the same head winds. But we started early and we were having our 2nd breakfast at a McDonalds in Providence, Ky within the first hour, and our first lunch at 11:30 at a delightful cafe, Marion Cafe.



By 12:30, we were in the United Methodist Church, with A/C and a shower. It just couldn’t get better than that. So Mark and I decided to double down and went to a laundromat and washed everything and have a 2nd lunch of BBQ chicken. So it is now 3:00 PM and we are cool, clean and full.
Tomorrow we cross the Ohio River by ferry, at Cave in Rock, Illinois.

Love to all my friends and family.
Oh, I finally shook Debbie Guzman Robinson out of her tree and she is planning on meeting me Friday in Carbondale. We are going to have a good time catching up on things

Chris Jones, whose blog is here from Western Australia, cooked a wonderful curry chicken rice, with lots of spices and tomato salad. I found a quiet room in the basement with a reading table and over stuffed chair and sofa. So I am enjoying the little get away.

3 thoughts on “Marion, Ky – day 24

  1. Jake, why did you not like that black lab? Well, that response from the dog was hilarious. Miss you lots. This weekend is the Starlight Parade and the Dumples are having their own float. Float = boat on trailer with us in it. We’re decorating it and wearing our french navy uniforms from last year. I am hoping Suzie joins us and may come with Forest and the boys. The Dumples have been challenged to be better lit (lights) and louder than other boats. No problem.

    Miss you. Have been on crazy deadline at office. Almost done.

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