Near Dixon, Ky – day 23

We had a wonderful night in the city park last night in Whitesville. Our cooks had chicken fajitas with all the fixings. The park is very nice and had lots of locals walking through ignoring our intrusions. It didn’t rain and the bath rooms were close, but no showers.
In the morning a very nice elderly lady came out of the adjacent house and talked with us and explained how her family once owned the property and they sold it to the city once the kids grew up and left home. She was delightful and I’m sorry I did not get her name or picture.
We cycled to Utica for the first 20 miles through nice roads, but then the road became difficult with little to no shoulder and traffic and high winds.
We are in Central time zone today and everyone woke up an hour early and we had a nice cereal breakfast, before going out of Whitesville to Slaughter, Ky to where we are tonight at friends of the Adventure Cycling Assoc. The winds were terrible and and in our face. The roads had no shoulders to stop to rest, and it was a grind, heads down. I was lucky, I stopped for water at the last stop anyone could get water for many hours and did OK. Others ran out of water and the winds were relentless.
Only 55 miles but……
We are staying with Darryl and Kim’s house, and they are most gracious hosts. We are enjoying 14 Hands Merlot and Fat Tire beer. So the end of the day is ending pretty good.
The hosts have 3 Carin terriers and a big black lab, they are so cute. Check that link- I had a smile on my face

Three years ago at this spot is where our leader Jack Pettry fell while fighting off a dog attack. At that time the hosts, (Kim & Darryl) took charge and helped to continue the TramsAm journey of the group while getting Jack recovered. It took Jack three days to adjust to a broken shoulder bone, cracked ribs and a cracked pelvis, while his wife drove a pickup from Colorado to here. Jack continued to lead the group again by driving along with the group, and later got back on his bike and finished the tour.

No pictures but check back, I’ll fill in something interesting, ( we had to have had fun somewhere today)

2 thoughts on “Near Dixon, Ky – day 23

  1. Oh my gosh don’t know how you are doing this! My hat definitely off to you! Can’t wait to see you in Breckenridge! Love, Mar

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