Whitesville, Ky. – day 22

It rained off and on after 2:30 this morning but I stayed dry and was able to pack everything mostly dry. We knew our first goal to check on a group of east bounders in the first 15 miles. This group was lead by friends of co-traveler Mark Troy. They already had over 1000 miles as they started in Wisconsin before we even started. Check out Mark’s blog for more info. We caught them and was surprised to see the tandem recumbent bike.


We had a few hills and entered the “Rough River” park area with a large lake and busy. Though today was quite different in the fields. No farmer activity or field work was going on. It is Sunday, and they take it as a day of rest.


We are in the city park tonight, and it is a dry county, We are singin the blues with no cold refreshments.


My thoughts turned to my sister who had spent the weekend in Cushing, Okla with my high school classmates. Sounds like they had a good catch up weekend. Greeting old class mates!

We got 63 miles in very nice weather at 11.9 avg MPH. Today we entered Central time zone, My total mileage is 998 miles, 2 short for a thousand. We expect about 4,200 to complete the trip<

One thought on “Whitesville, Ky. – day 22

  1. Hey Uncle Jake- I’m just leaving OKC- been here for about 5 days. Producing some video reports from the scene. Wish I knew that Aunt Mary was so close! Oh well. Congrats on about making it 1000 miles! That’s incredible!

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