Springfield, Ky over the hills – day 20

We had a night stay at Fairfield Inn in Berea before leaving early for a 50 mile trip. We were off the Route 76 today and used Google maps to get here. A pleasant ride through rural roads that were not extremely steep. The temperatures were cool this morning and I was wearing my cool weather gear until after 11:30.
I met Gary Freudenberger for lunch in Danville, and we met up again in Springfield. Gary got to meet almost everyone on the tour and we shared beer and tequila in the hotel this evening with two gigantic pizzas.
Today was so much different than anything we’ve had in the last 12 days. The roads actually did not twist and turn and climb thousands of feet into the sky to suddenly drop in exhilarating slides into valleys. And where were the mad dogs searching out bicyclist? – hardly a dog to be seen.
I felt that we were riding somewhere instead of over something. I hope this continues for a while.

Now what are they selling here


What are these symbols on their home. The stars we’ve seen for over a week20130524-211107.jpg20130524-211124.jpg
The rises brought great views but with no large climbs but there were goats

There were miles of rock fences, and I noticed that just below the surface was rock along all the fields.



Tomorrow we are off to Makers Mark distillery.
Good bye Gary, thanks for coming and bringing Leo




2 thoughts on “Springfield, Ky over the hills – day 20

  1. My husband Garry & I host cyclists that do the TransAm. I see you are with an ACA group lead by Jack. Jack and a group stayed with us two years ago.

    We would like to extend an invitation to the group again, and any additional cyclists you guys might meet along the way.

    We would be an alternative to Rough River State Park.

    Let Jack know I reached out to you and have him give us a call to firm up the details. Our number is 270 879 0267.

    Safe travels!

    Beth Feltus

    • Hi Beth,

      Thanks so much for the invitation, Jack mentioned what a great time he had with all. This year we are in the wrong spot to work with you. We are off the original locations and trying to work it differently

      We appreciate you finding us, and I gave Jack your number so he can plan something again.

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