Booneville, Ky – day 18

Today was to be one of the hardest days of our trip. The hills are steep and the heat, humidity, thunder showers were all coming together to make this 65 day ride something to gear up for. So I set my clock to 5:30, and our host Dave at the Knott County Historical Society had a delightful breakfast ready at 6:00 AM.

We had instructions on closed roads that we had to do more map reading but within 30 miles and 11:30 AM we were in Grapevine, Ky, just outside Hazard. I’d already added a meatloaf sandwich to my tummy but I was getting hungry and we thought this place was a diner.

So we walked in and were confronted by 4 men sitting in a dark room on sofas. They were very hospitable, and asked every one that walked if we wanted a Mountain Dew or Pepsi. Turns out the place was an antique shop of sorts but Dexter Howard had never been agreeable to selling anything, so it has a huge collection of everything from the last 100 years. There is no cash register, no pretense of a business, just a gathering place.

Ended up I ate two bacon cheese burgers more and for dinner I had fried chicken and mashed potatoes.
My ‘hydration system’ that Suzie found for me is so easy to use, that I am drinking a lot of water, and today I drank a lot
Tomorrow is our trip into Berea, a day late. The jury is still out if we are taking an extra day in Berea as originally scheduled. I bet we take off on our bikes Friday morning to stay on the posted schedule. I hope to meet Jennifer’s father, Gary tomorrow and I will call him tonight.

It was a fun and long day, tomorrow we will be staying in a motel, which will be fine. I’ve got to many dirty clothes and I must find a laundry.
I’m submitting this via email because we only have a 2G connection and my iPad app doesn’t work well with that.



Look at this gas station I came across. It was out of business


Here is Dexter Harrold, he ran a tavern here until 2001, when he was saved







3 thoughts on “Booneville, Ky – day 18

  1. Jeff thought you were staying at a motel tonight, but it doesn’t sound like it. He saw, on his blackberry, what looked like a pretty good storm in your vicinity, this evening. Hope you stay dry…

  2. Hey Jake! Just wanted you to know I was keeping up on your trip. Phyllis shared your blog link with me, and we reviewed everything together (with Mary!) over Mother’s Day weekend. Just caught up through 5/22. Stay safe!

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for letting me know you are there. I am having a great time. We are always moving, trying to eat, clean, sleep, and move down the road. I don’t think I’ll do this again, but I enjoy it now. I get really tired every day of course.

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