May 21 to Hindman, Ky – day 17

We had a good night sleep in the Gateway to the Breaks Motel and had a breakfast at the cafe across the street at 6:00 AM.

We saw plenty of coal trucks and great and courteous drivers. Not so much the dogs, but mt “Dazor” was busy keeping dogs away

On one particular hard and steep hill I was walking up. The road was blocked by a tractor / trail or rig that shouldn’t have been there. We were able to walk around the rig, and we had a traffic free walk up the rest of the hill. Finally, 45 minutes later as we approached the top, the traffic got through, and we rode down the hill.

Towards the end of the day we stopped on the campus of the Alice Lloyd College near Hazard, Ky.


We got to the Knot County Historical Society Campground after 70 miles and 5 major climbs of about 10k vertical.
Dave Smith met us at the top of the drive with a cold ice tea, and wanted to know our names and such. Then he offered us a shower,beer and a home made sundae. He was so cool as the power went off and the winds picked up and rained.
He has by far been the most gracious host I have encountered. The breakfast the next morning was on the table at 6:00 am and was beautiful.

But no rain during our sleep.
I will upload pictures later the WiFi is busy

This shows a hill top being removed in the distance by the coal folks.

What are these stars on the sides of houses?



The hostel in terraced down the yard- wouldn’t you think. This is the time I recall Dave from New Zealand being with us.20130524-221610.jpg


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