The rain stopped us on day 16

We had a great dinner last night that Liam and I cooked, but that Connie, Pum and everyone else had a part of planning. This morning we were to have riding a long 70 mile day with lots of hills. But then at 4:30 AM thunder rolled the park and in 30 minutes it was wet. I was under another tent and mostly dry so I packed up my stuff by 6:30 to roll out of camp.

It kept raining until we cried ‘uncle’ and we moved down the the hill to a motel. Actually it’s the only motel until 70 miles, so we had no way to go half way.

So for today we have stopped after only a couple of miles

No cell phone or AT&T service – only a off and on WiFi at the Gateway Motel. Pictures later if I can upload them.



One thought on “The rain stopped us on day 16

  1. …Like the drying tents….If you had rain like we saw on the way home, everything must be soaked. It was flooding around Damascus…a lane of the road was closed at one point because of a mud slide.

    We drove 80 back, on the same path that you & Jeff had biked on Sunday, & we were both amazed that Jeff had ridden all the way that day. It was DOWNHILL most of the way back to Council.

    Glad you have a bed & a dry place for the night…now maybe you can catch up on rest, fix your air mattress, wash clothes…and dry them…

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