Breaks interstate Park – day 15

Made it to our last destination in Virginia. Jeff, Connie, Sam, Pum and kids with me today.

Jeff and Connie made another great breakfast Sunday, and then helped me shop for dinner.
Jeff rode the entire 30 miles into Breaks. Lots of hills, Jeff did good.

We missed all the tragedy in Damascus, but some saw ambulances racing to the city.

Sam & family arrived at 7:00 and every one left to go home to Charlotte about 3:00 PM.
Thanks to my family for coming and cooking and supporting myself and 14 other strangers.
Off to a long hard ride on Monday.




This is “Flat Stanley” who wants to hitch a ride with me

2 thoughts on “Breaks interstate Park – day 15

  1. Awww… I wish I could have made it up! Glad to hear my dad was able to finish up the day trek. Great photo of everyone!

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