Council over Hayter’s Gap – day 14

Today we had a wonderful breakfast in Damascus that Connie and Jeff had bacon, eggs and pancakes! It was relatively wet, but carried on and Jeff rode 22 miles out of town to Hayter’s Gap.


When we pulled Jeff off the bike at Hayter’s Gap Community Center and Patti was the head person who set up the library for kids….see those computers for kids. Here is Connie sitting with Patti.




I cycled with Bryan over the hill with Jeff and Connie following in the truck.






Coming over Hayter’s Gap, Jeff took this picture at the bottom looking at the valley at the slope.


Be sure to check Jan’s blog from the Netherlands in a day or so, he took some really great pictures, but the are not posted yet.

3 thoughts on “Council over Hayter’s Gap – day 14

  1. Hey Jake, You are looking great! My plan is to drive to Berea to see you on your layover day Thursday, May 23. I plan to arrive in time to take you to lunch (probably earlier in the day). Let me know if I need to bring any provisions. I believe you have my cell phone number 502-648-8515 and my Gmail address. Please confirm you received this. What a great adventure! Gary

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