Damascus day off – day 13

We are camping at the city park (which is posted no camping – but we’ve got approval. I was out of the tent by 6:00 am and had my clothes washed and breakfast by 9:00 AM.

Since then I’ve walking around town during the biggest event of the year here. The waitresses are frazzled serving everyone for Trail Days



My brother Jeff and his wife are arriving here, within a few hours, and we may spend the weekend with them. They are bringing food for our trip tomorrow to Council, Va.

More latter….

Here is a picture of Liam and I from a few days ago, that Jan sent me. This was the day that was a “rest day” as I recall.


Jeff and Connie have showed up before the rain, and they have lots of food.


3 thoughts on “Damascus day off – day 13

  1. Hi Jake! This is Tatiana. We met last summer on the pacific coast ride. It is so great to see you on the transamerica tour! We hope to be on the road again soon. Have a wonderful and safe ride! 🙂

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