Damascus – day 12

We left the church early and the weather was great. I slept in another Lazy Boy recliner and I tell you what, I want one of these in my house. I’ve never slept better in 10 days.

Our first stop at about 12 miles was Rural Retreat. We were looking for a espresso cafe but not finding anything. Though I ran into Jim Thorner and a buddy who called himself Billy Bob. ( I don’t make this stuff up). Anyway, I noticed that Mr. Thorner was carrying a holstered revolver and deputy’s badge, and we were talking about the local coffee and roads. When I asked to put them on “Internet” tonight via a picture, Billy Bob offered to pull his AR-15 for the shot. Ha Ha.
Well Ben and Nelika from the Netherlands started shouting. 9 1. 1. 9 1 1. and I snapped this picture. Ben said he got a picture of me. I’ve added his blog to the blogger page.


Anyway after a real easy climb of 4% for 7 miles, then the last 19 miles down to Damacus. Trail Days going on this weekend here and it is busy here with all the AT’ers here for the party.

We got the Boy Scout Camp to ourselves. We are shooing away the ducks and the transients coming into camp looking for scraps and our beer. We can even camp here






We are now on a rest day and no one cooks and its out 2nd rest day. And everyone is on their own. I don’t have cell service or A T@T but there is a free city WIFI. So email is my only mode of communication. My brother Jeff and Connie are coming up and spending the weekend with us. Sam and family may be here too.

This is going to fun the next few days.

BTW. I am still buying beers for Jack, after losing and recovering my wallet. I am out 50 dollars so far but I feel still lucky.

There is a nice riverside restaurant right next to our “No camping” campsite .



Past my 500 miles today


As we pulled into town this lovely person stopped to offer advise. She let us know what was going on in town and pointed in the right direction. Later this evening we found her at the restaurant. Her name is Debbie Reid




One thought on “Damascus – day 12

  1. Jake, I will BUY you a recliner after this trip!! Glad you caught some shut-eye. Cool picture of Billy Bob. Have a great time this weekend with the fam! Take lots of pictures!

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