Wytheville – day 11

Today started off great in St. Paul Church. We all were warm and well rested this morning when we left town at 8:00 am.


Followed the 76 signs out of town
And found a bike shop in Radford, that we were very lucky to have found open. The lady had just unlocked the door and going to see who would show up. The shop has been closed recently and it just sheer luck that she was there. The people that run the store were not around, and she was selling anything for half off the marked, but couldn’t make change. I bought a pair of bike gloves to replace a pair I left somewhere


Howard and I were fooling around



And we ran into the Dutch couple Ben and his wife. We saw them on Day 1 at Williamsburg
He needed a tire but didn’t find a new one.




Then we were off to Draper and found a cute Mercantile store that wasnt in our notes, that had milk shakes, sandwiches, a bar. So I had a shake and an apple tart.



We were just under halfway by then on our 56 mile ride and today was very warm and headwinds the whole time. I walked at least 3 hills, I didn’t care, I just wanted to get over them. We are staying at the Wytheville Presbyterian Church. There is not one person not hurting tonight.


I lost my wallet today. It fell out of my pants. Liam saw it, but said the hill was so bad he didn’t want to stop, but Jack Pettry the ‘sweep’ and inquiring found it and saw it was stuffed with money, then felt a moral calling when he saw my name in it. I got it back before I knew that it was gone. Very lucky, I better find a better place to store my wallet.

Avg speed of 9.9. And a total mileage of 470 miles. I guess tomorrow we will cross the first 500 miles.

We met a unique lady from Finland, probably about 50, who by taking a look at her, you wouldn’t see a TransAm rider. But she arrived in New York City in the past month, and started riding her way out with a Ran McNally map for cars. She quickly figured out she wasn’t doing it right and took a train from Philadelphia to Richmond and then rode to Williamsburg and got official bicycle maps to go TransAm properly.
She just arrived at 6:30 this evening.

Her name is Paivi. – I think… But she is an inspiration to all that when there is a will there is a way. My first hill I walked was with her, and decided to do it more after. What a story…
Speaking of a story, my friend Jennifer found a link about the Liars Club at Wyatt’s store in White Hall. Seems like a long time ago.



4 thoughts on “Wytheville – day 11

  1. See you Friday. Maybe Jeff should bring his bike & ride with you for a while on Saturday. We will be glad to take your food to the next destination…maybe our truck can serve as a support van that day…if that works for you.

    • Thank you for the help. Nobody like hauling as much food we eat for dinner on top of everything else. This will really help.
      And yes, Jeff should bring a bike.

      • I plan to cook 2 hearty soups for Saturday night: 15 bean with smoked sausage and chicken with wild rice. I’m actually starting the soups, today, to bring, tomorrow, if you want them.

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