Christiansburg – day 10

Just added a new page at the top of the screen. It is a static page of everybody else’s blog that are doing this trip

This day started out being one of those days you only wanted to stay in bed and dream of friends elsewhere. But first, the Bethel Campground was extremely beautiful and peaceful, and it was wonderful with hot showers and such



But, this morning sheets of ice broke loose as soon as I opened the tent, and what warmth was quickly lost in moments. The cooking / eating pavilion had screen windows ( see above) and I got there at 6:15 am and it was really cold. We started boiling water, and lucky for the first pot that Mercedes was already there with a pot going, thanks.
We cut fruit up, and got sandwich makings together for the rest that got there at 7:00.

Anyway it worked out and I packed my tent by about 8:30 and it was then slightly above freezing by then. But my clothing bag was half empty because I was wearing everything that could pass as making me warm. And I was having difficulty making myself believe that this could be described by anyone as fun.

I cycled with Liam, 21 year old college grad from Vancouver B.C., and Jan the Dutch. The landscapes were beautiful, but the climbing was on going. Another day of over 5,500 feet vertical, with plenty of downhill thrillers. I was stopping often and warming my hands and getting tired.
Jan kept repeating – that this was our day off and we could take it easy. And after 25 miles, I let up and relaxed and thought of it as a day off also, and it made me feel instantly better.





We ran into Beth and her daughter Brittany at Lusters Gate. Brittany is going TransAm in a couple of weeks along the Northern Route, starting in Maine. Good rides, Brittany!

This is Liam at the St. Paul Church


Figures for today. 57 miles – 10.4 mph avg. I didn’t get into the St Paul Methodist Church till 5:30 PM, with terrible climbs at the end. But, it was OK because, ‘it was a day off’




3 thoughts on “Christiansburg – day 10

    • These past few days are hard. I love stopping and don’t mind walking. But, it sure takes a lot of heavy breathing. But the land scape is breath taking too. Thanks for listening..

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