Near Lithia, Va. Camp Bethel – day 9

The day started off in a large concrete floored athletic hall. It was 36 degrees outside so glad we were inside. There was a kitchen and restrooms, so we are way ahead of the Royal Oaks campsites.

Tonight, at the Bethel Camp, we have hot showers and a pavilion to cook in, and refrigerator to store food. We bought food 10 miles ago at a ”Dollar General’ in Buchanan and the lady cashier said she would deliver to our camp ground. Very nice. We bought vegetables at a store that was simply boxes on the floor and served sandwiches from their kitchen.

Only 35 miles today and not bad, but not as exciting as the past few days.

What are these rock structures? They cover the creeks and streams a long the way. Were they bridges 100 years ago?



Check back later to get more info, I have to set up the kitchen and clean up tonight and do breakfast in the morning
Dinner was a tuna noodle surprise in a very well equipped kitchen in a large open dinning pavilion.



Tomorrow, we will be going to Christiansburg, Va, and spend a night in a church.




4 thoughts on “Near Lithia, Va. Camp Bethel – day 9

    • Breakfast was served by 7:00am, and we had coffee at 6:30. But it was so cold, sheets of ice fell off my tent, and the cooking pavilion was an outdoor screened area……so cold…..we had two large ‘quick oats’ container from the Family Dollar with cranberries and brown sugar. Plus two large strawberries boxes,

  1. Hi Jake, Sorry for the cold weather in these parts. Soon you’ll be entering the warmer climes. I’m catching up with you from time to time.

    • Thanks for following my ramblings. It was cold this morning, but it is supposed to get warm soon. Brother Jeff will meet me in Damascus on Friday, and his son Sam and kids will meet us the next day delivering food to a remote campsite on Saturday. So this will be fun to see them, and Sam will be welcomed by 14 hungry bicycles on Saturday.

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