Lexington – off the Blue Ridge Parkway

Today was a 32 mile coming off the Blue Ridge Parkway. We didn’t leave it after 10:00 AM and we only had a much shorter climb to get over since we were camped at the top.

It didn’t rain much after dinner. And dry winds blew throughout the night that made it nice to pack up. Actually it made it nice to get out of the tent in the first place. Right?

But we continued to meet nice people, met a Navy couple who both have recently served who we thanked for their service, then a pair of young men from Toronto who were headed to Cape Haderas – North Carolina to do wind / surfing. They were carrying their sails but a friend was carrying the boards

They were on motorcycles and thought we were a bit odd carrying a 6 quart stew pot. But we explained out situation and we laughed and enjoyed ourselves.

Our brakes were getting very hot coming down the hill to Vesuvius, Va. We stopped twice to cool the brakes. Then the Tye River was a dream. We found a picnic table and large ground to have lunch.



Then we had a nice ride into Lexington to stay at the University of Washinton and Lee, ( I think). There also is the VMI here. – Virginia Military Institute. Vivian met us outside an ice cream shop and she is interested in joining the ‘Warm Showers’ organization to host transients like us.

Anyway, tomorrow I and my Dutch traveller, Jan are cooking. I’m not sure where, but everyone has to carry groceries the last 9 miles. So I have to be up early and out the door.

Here is a picture of our lodging…


I actually found a side room that has a private bath and a carpet on the concrete floor.

I’ve thought about our families all day long and really believe that my sister, Mary ,Jeff’s wife Connie, my wife, and Kathy the mother of 3 beautiful grand babies are a true testament of the what a mother should do. I wish the best to them and love all of you. your mom would be proud of you







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