Charlottesville – day off

This morning we went to a local breakfast spot and had eggs and hash, with thick toast and butter. Could just feel the inside of me becoming more lubricated as I ate. Then we went to post office and picked up the iPad charger that I left in the motel in Williamsburg, that they were so kind to forward to me. Then a real laundromat to wash everything and a walk onto the campus of the Univ of Virginia, lunch in a beautiful pedestrian mall in old town and back to the room to rest. We are all talking about the climb tomorrow – so join me and go “oh my”

We haven’t been over 550 feet the whole trip and now – over 3000 in one day. “Get over it”

I’ll have more pictures in the next days about today, so check back. But it was different, because we were walking around the campus and seeing old buildings and streets. ( and I didn’t bring my camera, Mark took the pictures)

While I’m at it, you can leave comments to let me hear from you. Tomorrow we get up early, and in the evening we will be in the Blue Ridge Parkway.

This is the entrance to Monticello, which I did not enter.


6 thoughts on “Charlottesville – day off

  1. Hi Jake! We are all reading your entries every day and marveling at your riding, weather, camping, flat tires, Brian’s broken chain – and it hasn’t been a week! Good luck and enjoy your climb! You can coast on the way down, right? πŸ™‚ And 3 of 4 little Grubbs’ will be in Colorado Maybe all! Take care! Love you!

  2. Oh wow! So proud of you! Prayers are with you sweet cuz! Looking forward to seeing you in Breckinridge. Be safe! Xoxo

  3. I’m enjoying your adventure!
    My wife did the trip west to east in ’86. She’s still speaks ill of those mountains. πŸ™‚

  4. Jake, we are following your trip and enjoying your pictures! We are proud of all your efforts! Enjoy and take care! We are all at the Chelan together for Mother’s Day! Lovies to you!
    Phyllis, Sarah, Jenny and Mary

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