Blue Ridge Parkway, Rockfish Gap – day 7

What a fabulous day.
We left Charlottesville early anticipating a big day and it successfully exceeded our expectations
We headed for June Curry’s “The Cookie lady” house in Afton.
But getting there through miles of horse farms, and private race tracks was exciting. And the riding was easy and weather cool. But the fun started when I stumbled up to “the Liars table” At Wyatt’s store in White Hall, Va. With the president of the club presiding – Elbert.

Seems this club has held daily meeting for the past 26 years.




Then leaving there we stopped at a ‘fruit stand’ in Greenwood. I had apple pie and coffee.


And then we started up the “hill” to Afton, Va. Got into the hostel that was ‘unlocked’ and left our name on the guest book. Took a ton of pictures and had a lunch in front. Search her name for a good read.





Then we finished our almost 6,000 vertical feet climb by meeting people such as Tim Pegram, author of “The Blue Ridge Parkway by foot” 20130511-173806.jpg

The Blue Ridge parkway was great today and good temp for climbing hills

Any way it will be an interesting evening at the Royal Oak Cabins in Love Va, ( minus the cabins because there is a wedding happening in the near future with sound system music and kids trying to sing. This was a weird place because the owner didn’t like us to buy all his food because he wouldn’t have any for others. He made us sandwiches the next day that were very scant and cheap. I would suggest no one stop at Royal Oaks in the future.

No cell service for anyone but we have wifi.

Check back later.



Dinner was hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the fire. Of course, camping wouldn’t be camping if a thunder storm didn’t develop at least 15 minutes before dinner served, and showers started shortly after everyone had a plate in hand.

Only 45 miles, but one of those miles was straight up. At 9 MPH average, which I thought it was fair under the circumstances.



5 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Parkway, Rockfish Gap – day 7

  1. Glad you made it up the “hill” and had a good day. You’re seeing things we’ve seen several times (Jeff adds). We camped in, a state park, I think, close to Love, Virginia, and may have stayed in the cabins there, as well. Hope to see you soon. Love ya.

    • Thanks for the wishes, and I, too, am looking forward to seeing you.
      Happy Mothers Day, Connie. You are truly a most generous and cherished Mom that I have ever met. As they say – “you’ve done good”.

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