Charlottesville – day 5

Just got in from a long 50 miles with a few more hills. Drove past Monticello 5 miles from here but too pooped to stop. Tomorrow is a day off so we are planning to make a day of it visiting the place where Thomas Jefferson lived and compare my picture with that of the one on the back of a nickel.
Mark and I are rooming in an Econolodge. And will eat out later.

This was an unusual name for a town. Though, honestly it was a very small town.


Then we stopped for a break at a bible mission working under the cover of coffee shop. Coffee was free and they had a non working espresso machine, I was taking no part of it and left, though I went back in to use a clean restroom



I was the first one to get a flat after coming down the hill from Monticello. it was right in front a Milkshake shop.

It went flat again and I was shooting CO2 cartridges into the rear tire for the last 3 miles passing busses and going thru campus traffic. Will pull the tire again and put it in the bath tub.

This is a photo that Mark took, and illustrates the kind of roads that we’ve been on the past 200 miles.


Tonight, 9 of us went to a Tara Thai for dinner. Yoga Jan didn’t make it to the motel till 7:30, and we were worried about her. The road past Monticello was very narrow and traffic was bad.


The University of Virginia was here and it was a nice campus.

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