Ashland – Day 3

Hi today’s May 7 we have ridden 30 miles through Civil War battle zones and reading a lot about the history of the USA. I spent the day looking at the world thru rose colored glasses which seems appropriate since. This bike route was mapped in the mid-1970’s


We had met a 90 year old, Jim who stopped to talk to us


And settled into a KOA. 300 yards from I-295, I’m glad. I charged my MP3 player last night so the music will help.


We are awaiting the beer and the rain. I hope we have more of the former.



Chris Jones from Western Australia who rides a funny looking bike ( a Moulton ) found a tick on me and got it out of neck with a long operation



Dinner was cooked by Jan from Mineral, Calif and Mark Troy. It was rice with grilled chicken and curry. Followed by strawberries and whipped cream


Then with the weather seeming really bad. ( it’s been lightning and thunder since 4 PM) we dashed over to a brewery (“The Center of the Universe”) just outside the parking lot at the KOA where we are camping. We had a beer and made it back to camp.

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