Yorktown, Virginia

Yorktown is where the British and colonist ended the Revolutionary war. So it has significant historical importance to our country and hence our trip kicks off here.
We will dip our rear bicycle wheels in the Atlantic waters and head west from here.

20130505-140749.jpg />20130505-140828.jpg

The weather is going to get wet the next few days, and Jack (our leader) is figuring out a way of not having to pitch tents in rain. I like that in a leader!
Monday will be day heading out of town.
Today we met a Dutch couple – Ben, said he’d be riding along with us the next week or longer. Our fellow Dutch team member Jan Hindriks enjoyed meeting a fellow countryman.
This is Peter Matulla standing with me. He has a blog at Peter’s Blog


Also follow my friend from Wisconsin, Mark Troy at Marks – Crazy Guy on a bike


2 thoughts on “Yorktown, Virginia

  1. Looks like a fab start to your trip. I love the part where you dip the wheel in the Atlantic ocean!!! Bye Jake!! Keep safe. Bud & Lorraine I clicked on to get your follow-up comments 🙂

  2. Great Job Jake! We’re pulling for you. Have a great time on your adventure.

    Mark and Debbie Mansell
    La Center, WA

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