Packing list

this is what I’ll be packing

Right Front Pannier Handle bar bag
7 lb REI Lite-Core 1.5 1 lb   9  oz camera
Sleeping bag – Mountain Hardware 35 degree 2 lb   4 oz cell phone
Pillow         3.7 oz eye drops
sleeping bag liner sun screen
chargers iPad adapters
Maps, paper pen
ear phone
Left Front Pannier dog dazzer
dog mase
Rain Jacket         6 oz
Long sleeve – Wool
2 short sleeve wool
2 bike shorts – wear a 3rd
1 bike short
2 Jerseys
Street pants
street shirt
3 pair socks
3 underwear
skull cap
swim suit
Left Rear  Pannier Rear fender
6 lb.
Tolietries Tent
toothpaste, floss, brush, flash light foot print
soap, towel  toliet paper
eye glass case with extra
bug repellent, detergent
Perscription drugs
iPad 1 lb     8 oz
Kindle           8 oz
gum / rain poncho in side
Right Rear Pannier
6 lb ziplock bag of
camp eatting utiltinsels kevlar spoke
bike lock extra AAA battery
duct tap / old inner tube
Tea bags, coffee
2 tubes/tire/tools in side zip ties, needle thread
ear plugs

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